runningYou know what love is not?

Love is not entering your husband in a running race held when he’s working ridiculous hours.

Love is having entered him in said race when you thought it would be a romantic thing to do together – I don’t call him the Running Man for nothing – and you really honestly forgot about the whole ridiculous work hours thing.

Oh, yeah, and the not talking to him about it first…that probably was where things went pear shaped – but we’ll blame being on opposite sides of the world for that little peccadillo!

Yeah, not my finest wife moment. And frankly, as enthusiastic as I am about all things, it will not be my last. But, all of this not finest moment stuff was all in my head. RM didn’t break a sweat.

Love is my husband taking this as an opportunity to get others involved, to be gracious towards me and my overenthusiasm. Man alive, I love that man.

Within an hour we had also entered a half marathon later this year. It is an act of hope that we will be together then. But this is our life: we need to step forward and hope.

Back to that half-marathon; It’s one of our 101 things in 1001 days – I will be sharing other items on that list in due course. We figured why not make it an enjoyable one – like one in the midst of vineyards and run as part of a food and wine festival. Yes, indeed, a commemorative wine glass and a finisher’s medal! That about sums up what makes us happy in a race!

Running is a gift

What am I saying? RM runs twice as fast as I do and that is not in any way hyperbole. He literally runs 3 miles in a time that is half my own. Heaven forbid how much faster he will run a half-marathon – He has set me a goal to run a half marathon in around the time that he runs a marathon!

I’m just hoping that I will get it done without succumbing to injury. I feel like I’m falling apart and poor RM hears about it more often than he’d like to. He far too gently ribs me about which new part of my body hurts today. But, hey, if you can tell your husband about that twinge in your hip, back, shoulder, neck or which ever other part, who can you? He did promise to love me in sickness after all.

So we will be in training together – well, as together as two people who run at such radically different speeds can be! Oh, and being on the other side of the world doesn’t exactly make this smooth sailing, but what can you do other than seek to live life together while apart.

I have told him we need to do a triathlon, then I might get my own back on the swimming leg!

But i’m not holding my breath for that!



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Anna Blanch Rabe is an Australian-born writer and photographer.  She is proudly Team Rabe. Recently married, she and her husband love to cook together using fresh ingredients. More recipes can be found at Food: Nourish.  You can follow her adventure on Not A Pedestrian Life, or Facebook.  Quotidian Home is a place of comfort from which to show hospitality, of joining with friends for food, fun, laughter, and tears.


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