I'm going to give you a bear hug

I received this book from the publisher to review. I did not receive any additional compensation for my review, and all opinions are my own, and are an honest assessment of my views on the book.

I'm going to give you a bear hug“I’m going to give you a Bear Hug” by Caroline B. Clooney and illustrated by Tim Warnes is designed for children aged 1-6, offering an opportunity for parent and child interaction while also enabling children to wind down and be readied for sleep. Published by Zonderkidz in 2016, it is available from all major retailers.

A hardcover book with layflat pages, it is able to be easily held while curled up reading with a child. Never underestimate the need for an easy to wrangle book for the nighttime reading session!

The illustrations by Tim Warnes appear to have been rendered with watercolor pencil and this gives them a soft, easy to view characteristic. They show affection between parent and child and bear and child.

Written with a simple rhyming couplet structure, the rhythm of the text offers a chance to read lyrically, while also offering a chance for children to have their knowledge of animals reinforced in a fun way. The rhyming pattern is a-b-b-a. There is a sense of humor in the fantastic nature of “hugging” some animals including Whales and caterpillars.

While it is a simple book, appropriate for the age group that “I’m going to give you a Bear Hug!” is directed toward, it also reinforces sound evening and bedtime routine encouraging affection between parent and child, and providing an interactive reading experience.

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