It’s time for a tour. Well, a virtual one at least

Our little home is new.

It feels like a great privilege to be the very first family to call this house our home.


What you can’t see in this image is the sweet lttle light in our front yard. It reminds us of the light pole in Narnia – and we’re really hoping to find a faun or a little stone lion to join in. Our own little literary joke seems right to us!

But you’ve only seen the front of the house!

Welcome! Come on inside and have a cuppa!

Let’s get down to tin tacks. Our cottage is a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom home that comes in at 1676 square foot underneath the roof, and a modest 1201 liveable sqaure footage. Here’s the breakdown in a handy graphic just for you:

FireShot Screen Capture #284 - 'Clovis, New Mexico Home Builder - Cannon Air Force Base - Available Homes' - www_yourclovishome_com_available-homes_view=plandetail&id=4

Our little home is the smallest house on the street – but for just the two of us it is more than big enough!

Before we go on in, here’s the floorplan as the builder designed it.

280 - Bigger Floor plan

A few things:

You enter into the lounge room.

The little room next to the kitchen is the laundry.

We needed a library more than we needed a 3rd bedroom, so what is labelled as bedroom 2 on here is our library.

Though it is a shared space, I tend to use it significantly more than RM.

There are walk-in closets in the master bedroom and bedroom 2.

That side door in the garage by the furnace on the plans? that doesn’t actually exist. On the other hand, there is a nice size porch at the back of the house by the kitchen door that does exist but isn’t on this plan!


Anna Blanch Rabe
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