We’ve moving again. As the title says, some homes are for a season. In this case that season is Fall (Autumn) and Winter.

We’re only moving a little way – about 15 miles – to military housing that was not available when we arrived here last August. But, because we just moved we are pretty exhausted by the thought of moving again within 6 months, even it is in the same city.

So, we’re purging again, which is kind of our pre-PCS go to, and we’re planning on making the most of the opportunity to move a little piecemeal. Although we’ll have movers for the big stuff (and heavy furniture), but we are planning on moving quite a bit of the small things ourselves, as well as the contents of cupboards and drawers, so that it is easier to put things away than a military move usually is.

This little townhouse has been great for the interim. It is a quiet neighborhood and we’re at the end of the complex further away from the main road, so we pretty much only have neighbors or delivery people ring the doorbell. RM has loved its vicinity to the mountain and canyons he often runs, and I have enjoyed the less than 10 minute drive to most of my errands. All in all, it has worked exceptionally well.

We’ll be moving into a home larger than the one in which we currently live, and while others might be excited about this, we are a little bit daunted. We like not having to spend all our time cleaning!

So what  if you know your home is just for a season?

  1. Make it feel like home even if for just a season (or two): put up art, buy flowers, use pillows and throws, and don’t be afraid to put a little effort in, even if just for a season.
  2. Use this time to try things you might not be brave enough for in a longer term home. Make use of temporary wall paper or a palette of textiles that is outside your comfort zone. You never know what you might learn about yourself.
  3. Be kind to yourself. You may not empty all the boxes (if you even have all your boxes with them).
  4. Reflect on what you consider essential in your home. It might surprise you what you can live without.

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Anna Blanch Rabe is an Australian-born writer and photographer.  She is proudly Team Rabe. Recently married, she and her husband love to cook together using fresh ingredients. More recipes can be found at Food: Nourish.  You can follow her adventure on Not A Pedestrian Life, or Facebook.  Quotidian Home is a place of comfort from which to show hospitality, of joining with friends for food, fun, laughter, and tears.


Anna Blanch Rabe
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