If you were to ask my favourite colour, which you haven’t — but i’m going to volunteer the information anyway — most people around you would tell you it is purple. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I wear it copiously or have all sorts of purple decor – it is because it is a colour that means a great deal to me. In my world, there are purple days.

But, I draw the line at painting my walls purple. I certainly don’t love the colour as much as the homeowner who decked out their home (you’d never tell from the outside) in a particularly vibrant shade of the purple variety.

So where have we landed on repainting the inside of the brand new home we call our own?

Grey, Gray. Whichever way you slice it, it doesn’t sound like an exciting colour, but perhaps unsurprisingly it is the colour I have my heart set on for our living area.


yes, I may have gone a little with trying shades of grey out. But, they are more different than I ever realised – shades with blue, green, purple, and black undertones.


Grey scale

The one on the left and the one in the middle are in the lead right now along with the shades immediately darker on the next paint chip (you can see these up the top in the first photo). The names of these colours are silver leaf and bay waves. Bay waves is a slighter greener grey (yes, there is such a thing). Our next step, later in the year when I get back to New Mexico (when I have a visa and I’m finished with Overland from Oz) is to put some sample paint on the wall and make a decision.

The joy of having a house to make into a home together is palpable for us. It does make being on the other side of the world a little difficult right now, but who’s to say we can’t begin to dream a little!

155Anna Blanch is an Australian-born writer and photographer. Recently married, Anna and her husband have a little house in New Mexico they are in the process of making into a home. Thwarted by the need to have a visa to live in the same country together, in 2014 she will embark on an epic adventure traveling Overland From Australia to London (via Russia and Japan) by train and ferry. You can follow this adventure on Not A Pedestrian Life, or Facebook. More of her photography can be viewed here.

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