20140311-212152.jpg  The Essential Ingredient is close to a bustling restaurant and cafe district in Newcastle. Serving those who love to cook – whether professional or amateur – and featuring a cafe serving deli items and coffee. It’s got some decent size tables, which make it a good place for a work meeting over coffee or lunch.

This is a fun place to explore. It’s also a place where you need to know your budget in advance, because it oh-so-easy to find all sorts of kitchen utensils, gadgets, pans, and supplies to make a dent in your bank account.


To find the food and cafe you need to make your way to the back of the store.

20140311-212344.jpgI think this duck – Essential Ingredient’s mascot – 20140311-212210.jpgis pretty sweet.






They stock T2 and Peaberry’s coffee.

The coffee is locally roasted and packaged. I’ve sent this overseas before to rave reviews. It is good and strong – just the way I like it.


20140311-212337.jpg I really am quite enamoured by this range of espresso and tea cups. All the colours of the rainbow!








I was just asking someone this morning where i could find a gnocchi paddle – as you do. The one here is $4.95. I may go back for this one. Gnocchi really does taste better when rolled – i’m sure of it. I haven’t really experimented with pasta making, though these ravioli frames and pasta making looks like it could be an adventure.


The industrial space is light and airy – there’s a class kitchen back there too. I’ve always wanted to take a class here, but haven’t managed it yet.



Anna Blanch Rabe
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